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Third-Party Services

Third-Party Services

The following Third-Party Terms of Service agreement apply to any additionally added services apart from the Web Hosting Service we offer but integrated into the same. By purchasing any of the Web Hosting Packages that we offer the customer agrees that all of the offered by Nakroteck services may or may not include additional or included Third-Party services with the sole purpose of:

  • Improving the already offered service.
  • Improving the user experience.
  • Adding additional functionalities.
  • Adding Security improvements.
  • Adding Performance improvements.

By utilizing the Web Hosting service after successful purchase on our website, the customer acknowledges and agrees with the usage of any Third-Party services bundled into the purchased Web Hosting Package.

Nakroteck reserves the right to add new, update already existing or completely remove any Third-Party services without any prior notice.

Nakroteck reserves the right to change the pricing and apply additional price for any bundled or additionally added Third-Party services without any prior notice.

The customer agrees with the usage of the following list of additional Third-Party services provided with our Web Hosting packages:


  1. Plesk Panel/WHM – The most powerful Web Hosting control panel is on our customer disposal free of charge or on a fixed price rate determinate by Nakroteck. Plesk Panel is a Linux based Graphical user interface used for easy management of Web Hosting accounts and related services.
  2. Cloud Linux – Linux distribution, created for shared hosting providers. Provided by Cloud Linux Inc. the operating system is based on another Linux distribution – CentOS.
  3. Jet Backup – Additionally added functionality to the Plesk Panel/WHM services used to graphically represent the backup/restore processes for our customers’ accounts.
  4. Softaculous – Additionally added functionality to Plesk Panel/WHM that allows the customers to easily install web scripts on their web hosting accounts with few clicks. The service supports more than 450 web scripts with different and useful functionalities.
  5. Site Pad – Additionally added functionality to Plesk Panel/WHM that provides the option to easily build a website either using one of the suggested design themes or by building the website based on customer’s design needs. The service provides a drag-and-drop web builder that can be used to easily order the web elements of a web page.
  6. Spam Experts – Additionally added functionality to Plesk Panel/WHM and to the Email service in particular. It is used to scan and filter all the inbound or outbound emails for spam, viruses or malicious links.

Nakroteck reserves the right to update the Third-Party Terms of Service as we see fit without any prior notice.

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