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Fully Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

Fast, secure, and optimized for WordPress.

WP Lite

$4.50 $3.60 / month
  • 1 WordPress Website
  • Free Domain (.com) Yearly Term
  • 30GB SSD Storage
  • Upto 50k Monthly Traffic
  • Upto 300GB bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 2 database
  • Free WP installation
  • Free WP Migration
  • Out-of-the-box Caching
  • Weeky Backup
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Optimised for WordPress

Built to provide a lightning-fast WordPress hosting experience.

Apache + NGINX

Optimised specifically for WordPress so your sites load faster and respond quicker.

Caching Engine

Caches frequently requested files, delivering them to your visitors’ browsers in milliseconds for faster page responses.

PHP8.x + OPcache

PHP8 with performance-enhancing OPcache, enabled out of the box.


The latest HTTP/2 protocol for increased website responsiveness.


Powered by MariaDB and optimised for read-heavy workloads which are prevalent in WordPress, MySQL further enhances performance.

PHP Version Selector

Switch between PHP7.x or 8.x on a per website site basis, helping you maintain compatibility with older versions of WordPress, plugins or themes.


Manage your MySQL databases with ease using the inbuilt PHPMyAdmin.

Cron Enabled

Create, schedule and automate tasks with our built-in cron manager.


Next-level managed WordPress.

Get the latest add-on and platform features your high-demand website needs for the ultimate all-in-one experience.

Turn your ideas into reality with Elementor

Simple Drag-and-Drop WordPress Page Editor

Building a Professional Website Has Never Been Easier. Elementor page builder is pre-installed and enables you to turn your imagination into reality. The all-in-one page-building tools to help you build the best WordPress site.

WordPress Hosting FAQs​

What is WordPress Hosting?

In a nutshell, WordPress hosting is a solution that has been designed to suit the needs of WordPress websites and make it easier for site owners to manage them. Like any website building software, WordPress has its peculiarities. WordPress websites perform better and are more secure when the web server, database servers, and software stack are configured specifically for it. This is what the best WordPress hosting achieves.

As an experienced WordPress hosting provider, we also understand that our customers need WP hosting plans that come with the right tools to run their sites. This is why we have created our WordPress toolkit.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

There are three levels of management required when running a WordPress website. There’s the management of the content and look of the site, which is done via the WordPress admin panel/dashboard. There’s the wider management of your hosting, such as looking after your email and DNS, which is done through your control panel. And then there’s the management of the server itself, which involves updating and patching the operating system, and ensuring the server runs optimally.

Managed WordPress hosting is a solution where we look after the server management for you. With a Nakroteck managed WP plan, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll look after the server and operating system so you can focus your efforts on making your online venture more successful.

Why choose WordPress?

Used on 41% of all websites, globally, WordPress has long been the world’s number one website building software and is used by many leading businesses and organisations. One of its biggest advantages is that it is open source. This means that it is free to use and allows developers across the world free access to improve its functionality and create themes and plugins. 

This development has led WordPress to become exceptionally versatile. With thousands of free themes and tens of thousands of free plugins available, It can be used to create professional-standard websites of any kind, from basic blogs to highly advanced eCommerce stores and everything imaginable in-between.  

What’s more, the popularity of WordPress across the world means there is a phenomenal amount of support available online to help you achieve your WordPress goals. Aside from the 24/7 technical support, helpful blog posts, knowledgebase articles and forum contributions we provide at eukhost, you’ll also find a multitude of websites and YouTube channels all dedicated to providing rich and varied advice on getting the most from WordPress.   
Finally, of course, are the specially configured WordPress plans, mentioned above, that offer cPanel WordPress solutions and WordPress toolkits.   

How long will my account take to setup?

Can you migrate my WordPress website for me?

Do you provide SSL certificates with your WordPress Hosting Plans?

What is the difference between your regular shared hosting plans and your WordPress plans?

Why do I need Managed WordPress Hosting?

Server management is the area that requires the most technical expertise and where customers usually have the least experience. Getting it wrong can cause significant issues.


Managed WordPress hosting ensures it is done right, bringing you the fastest WordPress hosting so your site performs well for your visitors, while keeping your operating system and server secure.

Can I transfer my blog from to Nakroteck?

Absolutely. As you would expect from one of the best WordPress hosting providers, we make it easy for you to transfer your blog or website to Nakroteck. What’s more, if you need help doing this, you can count on the best WP hosting team to take care of it for you. We’ll migrate your site to us and do it for free – all part of our service. 

Is it necessary to set up my database?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) website platform that uses a database to store and manage all its content. While all WordPress websites need a MySQL database in order to work, the one-click installation provided with eukhost WordPress hosting means the database is created and set up automatically for you every time you create a new WordPress website. Essentially, once you click the install button, you’ll be able to start working on your website in less than 30 seconds. 

Can I use an external email service with my Nakroteck WordPress Hosting plans?

Yes, it is possible to have your email hosted with an external email service, i.e. another host, while hosting your website with us. However, our WordPress hosting plans come with @yourdomain email hosting included and it is possible to migrate your existing emails, address lists, etc. over to us. We can even migrate them for you if you need assistance.  

The email solution that comes with our WordPress hosting services provides all the functionality you need, including integration with Outlook, auto-responders, POP3/IMAP, webmail, contacts, calendars, tasks and more.  

Is Multisite supported with WordPress Hosting?

Many customers want to be able to use their WordPress hosting plans to host multiple websites. Our managed WP hosting solutions are designed with this in mind. Not only do our plans allow you to host multiple websites;  to make it easy to manage them, they come with a built-in multi-site manager. This lets you install, patch, update, login and manage multiple WordPress sites all from a single, easy to use interface.

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