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Self Managed VPS Hosting

Get 100% worry-free, Fully Managed VPS Hosting.

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Manage Linux VPS Cloud

Designed for reliability. We understand that downtime costs money, so every Cloud-VPS server is hosted on our self-healing cloud and backed by our 1,000% SLA

$ 26

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Values

  • OpenStack KVM
  • 1 vCore Processor
  • 2 GB Memory Ram
  • 40 GB SSD NVMe Space
  • 250 Mbps unmetered Bandwidth
  • Plesk Panel(up to 10 domain License)
  • 24/7 Awesome Support
$ 45

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Essential

  • OpenStack KVM
  • 2 vCore Processor
  • 4 GB Memory Ram
  • 80 GB SSD NVMe Space
  • 500 Mbps unmetered Bandwidth
  • Plesk Panel(up to 10 domain License)
  • 24/7 Awesome Support
$ 75

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Comfort

  • OpenStack KVM
  • 4 vCore Processor
  • 8 GB Memory Ram
  • 160 GB SSD NVMe Space
  • 1 Gbps unmetered Bandwidth
  • Plesk Panel(up to 10 domain License)
  • 24/7 Awesome Support

VPS hosting platform features

Increased performance

SSD Disk Drives

Dedicated IP

Self Managed VPS Hosting – perfect for system administrators and developers.

That’s right, if you’re a developer, designer or system administrator with experience managing a server – seeking full control over your hosting environment – our Self Managed VPS Hosting is a solid fit.

You get full root access with SSH keys for total control as well as command line for flexibility and power. Plus, we offer a wide range of scalable performance options with flexible server configurations.

popular uses for Self Managed VPS Hosting:


Multiple Sites

Web or database server

Resource-heavy applications

Email server

Test environments

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Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Private Cloud Hosting

Virtual Private Server hosting (VPS hosting) is a dedicated hosting platform characterized by its high performance, isolated environment and CPU, RAM and storage being 100% dedicated (not shared with any other websites or apps). Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting results in higher performance, security and more flexibility and control over the server.

Advantages of VPS hosting over shared hosting: 
• Higher resources and bandwidth/traffic.
• Faster load times and unlimited traffic. 
• More admin control over security.
• Less vulnerable to hackers. 


And with shared hosting, when a site gets hacked there’s a greater chance that other websites on the server will be compromised. But with VPS and its virtual isolation, a hacked VPS won’t affect surrounding VPS environments.

Plus, with root access, there are no restrictions on the applications you install. You get free reign to access and edit the system files, settings and server logons.

If you’re looking for credibility and stability in your VPS hosting provider, know that we’re the world’s #1 hosting provider. That means millions of people trust their sites and applications to Nakroteck. We offer high-performance KVM VPS hosting with flexible configurations for every budget, including automated daily backups with scheduling and on-demand, monitoring, alert tools and expert support.

You also get to choose from Linux or Windows operating systems with optional control panels (cPanel/WHM or Plesk Obsidian Webhost Edition). And for those that don’t have the time or skill set to manage their server, we offer Fully Managed VPS hosting or one-time paid task-based services.

Self Managed VPS Hosting requires advanced technical know-how and basic understanding of Linux and the command line. From there, unmanaged VPS hosting plans allow you to configure and update VPS hosting to your exact preference.

Fully Managed VPS Hosting gives you access to a Nakroteck expert who will handle all the tech stuff, freeing up more time for you to focus on your business. It’s a good fit for those who don’t have the time or know-how to manage their own hosting but require the resources.

Yes, Nakroteck VPS Hosting offers both Linux (CentOS or Ubuntu) and Windows server.

Nakroteck VPS Hosting (with the exception of the Basic plan) includes up to three free dedicated IP addresses to use for custom applications, staging sites, email and other administration tasks.

  • Custom software and applications: If you’re running any custom software on your server then you might require a dedicated IP address. Some types of server software will require a dedicated IP in order to function properly.
  • Control Panel Management: Separate your sites and your control panel onto 2 different IP addresses for security and to isolate services.
  • Email deliverability: A dedicated IP protects your reputation and ensures your emails get delivered to their intended recipients. If you’re using domain-based email (i.e., myemail@mydomain.com) you may potentially run into email delivery issues. (Please note: If you use a shared IP address with your email — with other users on the same shared IP address — you run a greater risk of your IP getting blocklisted or blocked.) 

Nakroteck servers are located around the globe. Choose your server location during setup in North America, Europe or Asia-Pacific.

Although the average time for us to provision your account will likely be mere minutes, it may take up to 24 hours or more. But, if you need your hosting right away, please call us and we’ll do our best to speed things up.

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